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Founded in 1924, nowadays STS Systemtechnik Schänis GmbH is an important partner for the metal-processing industry. Our constant belief in the future, the ongoing expansion of our three business areas - locking technology, fastening technology and punching technology, and - last but not least - the enthusiasm of our employees and their love of metal have all contributed to our success.

As an SME with its own production facility in Switzerland, we intend to build on those values that have proven themselves over the years: quality, reliability and genuine partnership. Since we do not just see ourselves as your supplier but also as your equal partner, providing expert advice and new ideas forms part of what we understand as cooperation. By offering outstanding products and service we will gladly show your trust in us is justified.

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Stamping technology

Our core competencies in sheet metal processing are the result of many years’ experience. Using all our knowledge and resources, we transform the specific requirements of our customers into individual solutions. We knowledgeably support our customers through all the phases of a project, i.e. from consulting through to product delivery.

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Locking technology

Security and good value for money are hallmarks of our quality products The extensive, highly diverse product range covers the spectrum from a simple standard lock (including hardware) right through to exacting customer-specific one-off pieces.

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Fastening technology

We occupy a leading market position in pipe mounting systems. Although we have our own broad range of products, we also manufacture for other system suppliers. Our mounting products are fabricated from high quality materials and are very easy to install.

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Erfolgreiche Lehrabschlüsse

Erfolgreiche Lehrabschlüsse

Vier junge Auszubildende unseres Unternehmens haben sich in den letzten Wochen und Monaten intensiv auf den Abschluss ihrer Berufslehre vorbereitet. Die Anstrengungen haben sich gelohntI

Herzliche Gratualation:

Martin Schneider
Konstrukteur EFZ

Lucas Blöchliger
Produktionsmechaniker EFZ

Sandro Gmür
Polymechaniker EFZ

Lorena Rüdisüli
Kauffrau EFZ, E-Profil

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